We provide partition wall systems adding glass walls and drywall for commercial and office properties. As a direct partition contractor Singapore, we are capable to offer competitive rates with no middleman cost involved.

Drywall partitions

Dry wall partitions are generally made from improved gypsum plaster board that use popularly to divide interior areas in schools, offices, homes and other building uses.

Regularised drywall partitions can be steadily portioned to make individual parts of areas. Despite being makeshift  walls, they are powerful and robust enough to last a lifetime with lowest maintenance.

Drywall can come with fireproof or soundproof properties, which make them perfect for office areas and meeting rooms to stop the entrance of nearby noise.

Advantages of drywall partition

Drywall partitions use less water than other kinds of wall partitions. It therefore needs much less time to erect a drywall, up to 3 to 4 times quicker, than matched with a masonry wall.

Drywalls are lightweight in nature matched to a concrete wall, thereby decreasing the cost of construction. Due to its lightweight property, it is extremely flexible choice that permit users to change wall partitions based on particular needs and area planning.

Dry walls can help make soundproof partitions to decrease noise produced from outside or adjacent rooms. They are also remarkable thermal insulators, improving the efficiency of air conditioning by keeping areas chill.

Drywall is made of fire-resistant stuff and takes around an hour before it catches fire in the event of free emergencies.

Drywalls are made of gypsum plaster boards that are very atmosphere friendly. Further to requiring small water, they can be recycled simply and reused.

Glass partitions and walls are best solutions to introduce transparency  and openness to balance privacy in interior settings. Our glass wall systems rightly organise private and semi-public places, permitting perfect transition and visual connectivity across areas. Our solutions are accessible in outlined and frameless glass walls to meet different aesthetic goals.

Amazing transparency in the job place can support promote an organisation culture though constant visual contact, and help flexible modes of communication and working. Transparency also attracts daylight in the workplace, improving full well-being of workers in the long run.

Drywall partitions permit for flexible office area-planning mainly on an open-plan office. Using a big range of transparency and heights, area and hierarchy can be carved out into a completely functional office that matches to the ever-replacing needs of the organisation.

The flow of area and organisation of the cubicle or individual desk area shows the culture of the organisation, permitting for desired movement of personal, information and management between working units.

Drywall partitions are also generally used in residential homes to make fast and affordable spatial changes to rooms. Plain wall partitioning can make an additional bedroom or ensuite bathroom from the bedroom, providing the home extra spatial richness and depth.

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